Last recording session (maybe)
Tomorrow I go into the studio to try and finish up my CD. I got 4 or 5 tracks left:

Elegia por la Muerte de un Tanguero – Maximo Diego Pujol
II. Melancolia
III. Epilogo
Usher Valse – Nikita Koshkin
They Can't Take That Away From Me – George Gershwin
and Maybe Bagatelle – Fernando Sor

We'll see how much I get done in the studio. I'd like to save the money and not do an extra day, but if I must I must!

BTW, my CD will be called "Songs and Dances" since pretty all of the pieces are either songs, or dances, or both!


First Post
Welcome to my new blog! I'm not sure what I'll be using this for yet, but you can bet there will be political opinions, entries on things I'm reading, ideas for my research papers, thoughts on music that I'm playing/listening to, or whatever I feel like! Hope you enjoy!


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